From the Chicago Tribune:

_Elkhart[, Indiana,] resident Dottie Arnold said her home has been peppered with buckshot pellets from [duck] hunters across the St. Joseph River for a few years. . . .

“I don’t care if people want to hunt,” Arnold said. “That’s fine. But I don’t want it around my house.”

The issue has drawn the attention of state Rep. Craig Fry, D-Mishawaka. He introduced a bill last session that would have prohibited hunting in counties with more than 250,000 people along any spot in a river less than 750 feet from a densely populated shoreline. . . .

“Sporting groups think this is some sort of infringement,” said Fry, who’s a member of the National Rifle Association. “I think it’s a safety issue.”_

What do you think?

(And, by the way, what do you think of newspaper editors who insist reporters get their facts and terminology (such as “buckshot”) correct—except when it come to guns and hunting?)

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