Discussion Topic: Edwards Proposes “Hunting and Fishing Bill of Rights”

Yesterday, with support from the 350-member Iowa Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Edwards Committee, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards proposed a federal "Hunting and Fishing Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” he says is designed to improve access, protect gun ownership, preserve clean water for fishing, secure our public-land national heritage, and empower citizens to be better stewards.

“Growing up in small, rural towns, I learned early that America has been blessed with a wealth of natural resources,” said Edwards. “Just as it is our right to enjoy America’s forests, mountains, fields and streams, it is also our responsibility to protect them for generations to come. But the Bush Administration has waged war on the environment, putting corporate interests ahead of our natural heritage at every turn. It’s time to reverse this destruction and renew our commitment to protecting our natural treasures.”_

Check out the full press release and tell us your reaction.