Some months ago, a friend called after a storm. I answered, “Hello.”

“Is your phone working?” he asked.

“Ahh . . . yeah,” I said, thinking that the pause might be time enough for him to realize that we wouldn’t be having the discussion otherwise.

But that didn’t slow him down at bit.

“Mine isn’t,” he concluded.

So, I won’t ask you if you get your outdoor media online. Obviously you do. The question is, how much and is it your preferred source?

From a Southwick Associates press release:

_In the 2008 media preference surveys from and, approximately 34% of anglers stated that Web sites are their primary source of fishing information and entertainment, compared with about 24% in 2007—an increase of 10%. The results for hunters remained static, with about 26% reporting in 2007, and again in 2008, that the Internet is their preferred media source.

Despite the increase in anglers’ Internet use and the fact that more than one-fourth of hunters use the Internet as their primary source of information about their sport, both these groups turn to magazines as their preferred media. In the 2008 survey, about 39% of anglers indicated that magazines are their primary source of fishing information. The 2008 magazine figure for hunters was approximately 47%._

We know you go online for outdoor info and entertainment. But is it your primary source? Is it your preferred source? Do you spend more time with Field & Stream magazine or at F&S Online?