“What you think,” a golfer asks his caddie. “Four iron?”

“Nah, I’d go with a 7-foot cranking stick and a 1/2-ounce Rat-L-trap.”

Believe it or not, that (or something like it) could soon be overheard on the groomed fairways of The Concession Golf Club on Florida’s Gulf Coast, rated America’s best new private course by Golf Digest. Next May, when the $15-million clubhouse opens, the operation will offer the nation’s first “Golf & Fishing Caddie Service,” with which your caddie doubles as a fishing guide on any of the course’s several stocked ponds and lakes.

From a Concession Golf Club press release:

_“Members and guests may go fishing anytime at The Concession. Our Club will even provide the fishing poles,” explained the Concession’s Developer Kevin Daves. “The Fishing Caddie will not only load your clubs but also your poles! They will offer advice on the best fishing spots and what kind of bait to use…”

Paul Azinger commented: “At the Concession will be golf meets fishing. Picture your golf cart filled with clubs and fishing poles in the most perfect surroundings you can imagine. Perfect!”_

What do you think? Sound like a good idea?

Check out the club’s home page here.