In a nutshell, according to this Pioneer Press story and a complaint filed by the FLW, after finishing sixth in a kingfish tournament, North Carolina angler Perry Johnston tried to get one of the top five boats disqualified. The FLW said, sorry. So he demanded a three-year deal including payment of his tour entry fees, a sponsored boat, and free use of a Chevrolet Suburban. The FLW said, sorry. He then complained that the organization failed to pay him for certain tournament winnings. The FLW sent him a check. Finally, he allegedly went on a boating Web site called “The Hull Truth,” and wrote that the nonpayment “will prove to be a big mistake for the FLW organization. In 12 days, the FLW (and) ALL THEIR SPONSORS for this event will be served with a lawsuit … GEE I WONDER HOW KELLOGG’S, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, DURACELL and the other sponsors are going to like a lawsuit they receive concerning the FLW stealing prize monies from the fishermen?”

Now the FLW is suing Johnston.

Check out the whole story here and tell us what you think. Did Johnston go overboard? Have we simply not heard his side of the story? Or is this just what you get when you mix big prize money with fishing?