From The Wichita Eagle:

_Scarred by surface coal mining, southeast Kansas’ strip pits are too rugged for farming. Coated with hellish briars and hair-thick brush, they offer little grazing.

For decades it’s been seen as some of the most worthless wasteland in Kansas.

Not anymore.

Not long ago valued at $300 an acre, some rugged land is now on the market for more than $3,000 an acre.

The increased value isn’t from a discovery of coal or oil deposits. The new, most valued natural resources wear fur, feathers and fins …

The land, now called Coal Ground Ranch, is one of many Kansas parcels to enjoy a richly increased value because of hunting and fishing …

For well-funded sportsmen, it’s a solid investment that can pay also pays dividends of large antlers or loud gobbling.

For those of middle or lower income, it’s meant ponying up some serious savings to buy their own hunting property, or deal with the hassles of crowded public lands._

Sound familiar? Are you feeling the crunch where you live?