Discussion Topic: If You Shoot a Fake Elk Out of Season, Should You Lose Your License?

So if you had to guess, what percentage of people do you think would shoot at an elk out of season, from their vehicle, and without a hunting license? According to this Jackson Hole Daily article the answer is an outrageously whopping 31 percent.

The article details a recent sting operation in which Wyoming game officials put out a bull elk decoy near Union Pass Road. Of the 29 people who slowed down their vehicles to look at the decoy, nine, or 31 percent, fired a gun at it, resulting in 19 citations and four warnings from officers.
All nine hunters fired either from their vehicles or from the road itself. A total of 30 bullets hit the decoy.

The fines totaled about $7,700, and according to the Jackson Hole Star Tribune break down like this: ". . . shooting from a roadway (a $210 fine), taking elk from a vehicle (a $410 fine), taking elk during closed season (a $410 fine), taking elk without a license (a $780 fine) and transfer of license (a $410 fine).

Now you tell us: Are these punishments sufficient? I mean, four of these guys only got warnings. And is there maybe just a slight chance that insufficient deterrents have something to do with the number of violators?