From a Boston Globe Op-Ed piece entitled The Turning Point on Global Warming, by John McCain and Joe Lieberman:

_THERE IS NOW a broad consensus in this country, and indeed in the world, that global warming is happening, that it is a serious problem, and that humans are causing it. The recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded there is a greater than 90 percent chance that greenhouse gases released by human activities like burning oil in cars and coal in power plants are causing most of the observed global warming. This report puts the final nail in denial’s coffin about the problem of global warming . . . .

The debate has ended over whether global warming is a problem caused by human activity. Consequently, we can and must act now to solve the problem, or else we will bequeath a dangerous and diminished world to our children and grandchildren._

Something tells me the debate hasn’t ended among F&S; readers. So have at it below. Are McCain and Lieberman right? Is it time to accept that global warming is real and caused by us?