From The Bay City Times:

_A Garfield Township man has been charged with two felonies after allegedly shooting a fox hound on his property.

Gerald Obertein, 58, . . . was arraigned Friday on charges of killing an animal and malicious destruction of personal property valued at more than $1,000.

David Sylvester . . . and several friends were hunting foxes and coyotes on the property of Jerome M. Groulx . . . when the shooting occurred.

Sylvester’s dog crossed [a fence] into Obertein’s property at some point.

The dog’s owner said he heard several gun shots and a single bark.

Groulx approached the fence and saw Obertein standing there with a rifle . . . . When Groulx and Sylvester asked if they could come onto the property to look for Sylvester’s dog, Obertein allegedly went and got the dead dog and dropped it over the fence.

Obertein [reportedly said] he may have shot the dog, but only because he thought it was a coyote._

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