From the Pioneer Press:

_This year’s Minnesota hunting regulations booklet will contain warnings and advice regarding lead particles in venison.

Department of Natural Resources officials last week put the finishing touches on a fact sheet and a one-page advisory that will appear in the 2008 book, which will be distributed to the public in a few weeks.

A draft of the advisories, obtained by the Pioneer Press, recommends that hunters use alternatives to lead bullets, such as copper bullets, and that hunters should avoid meat that is excessively shot-damaged. They also advise hunters to place shots carefully and to ask venison processors about their processing techniques. .

On its prominent back page, the DNR’s draft regulation book states, “Though no illnesses have been linked to lead particles in hunter-harvested venison, lead can have a negative effect on human bodies at levels below any noticeable signs of illness. It can be particularly harmful to children age 6 and under and pregnant women.”_

What do you think? Wise precaution or premature?