The latest in the lead-in-venison story will have Minnesota’s needy eating steaks instead of burger.

From the Pioneer Press:

_Minnesota will resume its food-shelf venison donation program this fall, but with new practices to offset health concerns over lead particles found in the meat.

People familiar with the new program say the changes likely will mean lead advisories for food-shelf users and switching from ground venison to whole cuts of meat.

That is because 26 percent of the tested food-shelf ground venison showed particles of lead, while only 2 percent of tested whole cuts, such as chops, steaks and roasts, showed lead particles. . . .

While some hunters remain skeptical of the health threat from lead in venison, [Mark] Johnson, [executive director of the Grand Rapids-based Minnesota Deer Hunters Association] said the discovery has meant a healthy examination of hunting practices and food safety.

“It’s good it came out,” he said. “Any time we can make our sport better, keep it safer and make the venison better, that’s a good thing.”_

Do you agree. And is resuming the program the right decision?