From the Mille Lacs County Times:

_A Milaca High School senior has been suspended for 10 days for having a hunting bow in his vehicle. But is the school administration following its own policies?

Keith Larson realized he had forgotten the cased bow in the back of his Ford Explorer when discussion of a recent incident in Blaine took place during his first hour economics class on Tuesday, Sept. 23. . . .

In the school’s policy regarding weapons it states under “Exceptions” that, “A student who finds a weapon on the way to school or in a school location, or a student who discovers that he or she accidentally has a weapon in his or her possession, and takes the weapon immediately to the principal’s office shall not be considered to possess a weapon. If it would be impractical or dangerous to take the weapon to the principal’s office, a student shall not be considered to possess a weapon if he or she immediately turns the weapon over to an administrator, teacher or head coach or immediately notifies an administrator, teacher or head coach of the weapon’s location.”

Keith notified the teacher first hour when he realized during the discussion that he had forgotten his bow in his truck.

Based on the school’s policy, it appears Keith should not be suspended.

However, [the school reportedly argues that Keith] doesn’t fall into that exception category because he informed the entire class and the teacher at the same time._

What do you think. Should the student be suspended?