The debate over high-fence hunting in the Peace Garden State is heating up, as a group called North Dakota Hunters For Fair Chase petitions for a ballot measure to end the practice—and the NRA blasts them for it. Here’s the latest:

From the North Dakota Hunters For Fair Chase website:

North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase is a grassroots Initiative Committee organized by a group of men and women dedicated to preserving Fair Chase as an intricate part of our state and national hunting heritage, a heritage that we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren. Our objective is to place a measure on the November, 2008 ballot that enacts a law that prohibits shooting captive deer, elk and exotic mammals behind escape proof fences, a practice that is both mercenary and unethical.

And from a recent NRA press release:

North Dakota sportsmen should be aware that a group cleverly calling itself North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase is circulating petitions for signatures to place an _anti-hunting initiative on the 2008 General Election ballot. . . .

This initiative effort is supported by the Humane Society of the United States. . . .

The proposed initiative would ban private big game hunting preserves in North Dakota, a long-standing tradition in the state. . . . Hunting ethics should be decided by each individual hunter, not by politically-motivated laws supported by radical animal “rights” interest groups._

Be sure to check out the NDHFC site and the full NRA press release. Then tell us what you think.