Check out this rundown of where the presidential candidates stand on gun control, from the Miami Herald:

_Hillary Clinton: Made gun control a key issue of her 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate, backing proposals to require the licensing and registering of all new handguns purchased in the United States. . . .

Barack Obama: Said in a radio interview after the Virginia Tech shootings that he supported making it tougher for the mentally ill to own guns, but added, “I’m respectful of people who want to hunt or sportsmen, somebody who might want to have a gun in the house to protect their home. . . .”

Rudy Giuliani: Lobbied for a federal ban on assault weapons. Criticized southern states as having lax restrictions on gun sales. . . .

John McCain: Voted against background checks at gun shows and a ban on assault weapons. Voted in favor of requiring gun makers and dealers to sell handguns with safety locks._

Read the whole list of 18 candidates at the link above, then tell us: Who as President would do the best job on guns?