Discussion Topic: On Ohio’s New Gun Laws

_A new Ohio law signed into effect this week, not only gives property owners the right to shoot intruders, but it's also changing Ohio's concealed carry law.

Colonel Bryan Hoover from the Muskingum County Sheriff's Department explains other changes, " It . . . permits guns to be carried in retail establishments that sell liquor, as long as the licensee isn't consuming. It permits concealed carry in a school zone, when picking [up] a child or dropping a child off."

The Sheriff's Department will now also honor concealed carry permits to those who've had their records expunged, where in the past they would've been denied.

Meanwhile, the Castle Doctrine, portion of the bill gives the home owner the right to shoot an intruder, without repercussions, which raises an argument over whether or not this will lead to false claims of self defense in a shooting incident._

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