There is no hotter topic right now than Senator John McCain’s VP pick. So I did some searching this morning for the most prominent hunting-related Sarah Palin headlines I could find. The one that popped up most was this from Toronto’s The Globe And Mail: “Palin Enjoys Hunting So Much, She May Have Had a Shotgun Wedding.” But we won’t go there.

If there’s a legitimate discussion to be had among sportsmen over Senator McCain’s pick, it’s clearly about guns vs. environment. As a lifelong hunter and a Life Member of the NRA, the Alaska governor is as pro-gun as it gets.

From the Boston Globe:
_[Wasilla, Alaska, residents] Lou Hoffman and Dave Chatterton savored the image of their former mayor, Sarah Palin, mixing it up at a Beltway soiree.

“I can see her sitting at a party and they’re talking about this, that, and the other,” said Hoffman, an 84-year-old Air Force veteran. “And she asks, ‘How many guns do you have?’ “_

On the other hand, Gov. Palin’s environmental policies have been described as to the right of President Bush. Of particular concern to some sportsmen will be her ardent support for energy exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, something John McCain still opposes and a topic this magazine has covered in depth.

From Time magazine:
Palin’s support for drilling in ANWR — opening up the refuge was one of her 2006 campaign positions — is particularly galling for environmentalists . . . [who say] that Palin’s push to open up ANWR to oil exploration would effectively destroy the refuge [and] likely wreak havoc with wildlife . . . .

So, what do you think of McCain’s pick? Do Gov. Palin’s environmental policies concern you? If so, does that outweigh her impressive pro-gun credentials?