Discussion Topic: Pennsylvania’s Bait Debate

Pennsylvania House Bill 251 is stirring up a host of issues related to hunting over bait, from fair chase to hunting's public image. But for now, let's just look at the proposal itself. From The Morning Call:

_The latest round of baiting arguments occurred last Wednesday at a House Game and Fisheries Committee meeting in Harrisburg. The committee met to discuss House Bill 251, which would prohibit ''hunting any game or wildlife within 150 yards of any game feeder or feeding areas where any natural hay, grass, browse, grain, fruit, nut, salt, chemical, mineral, other food or any combination is used for feeding purposes.''

 At first glance, it appears the proposal would prohibit baiting. But Game Commission officials say it would have the opposite effect.

"It legalizes baiting, commission spokesman Jerry Feaser said. "As soon as you say 150 yards, you are saying that [hunting] 151 yards [away] is legal. That's the problem."_

Does this proposal make sense to you? Check out the whole story and tell us your reaction below?