In yesterday’s Pioneer Press, Minnesota reporter Kevin Harter asks, “If a car hits it, is it still a trophy?” Well, it is according Richard Sanders, co-creator of The Roadkill Record Book Club, with whom you can now register for posterity any trophy deer, bear, cougar, elk or other critter you may happen to flatten with your vehicle.

“It is not their fault they were hit by a car or truck. They shouldn’t go unnoticed. They shouldn’t disappear into thin air because there is no place to register them,” Sanders told Harter.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources big-game program coordinator Lou Cornicelli doesn’t totally agree. “I don’t see it serving a purpose, but if he wants to have a Web site for animals smacked by Buicks, more power to him.”

What do you think? You may never shoot a record-book deer, but you might run one over with your truck. Would you register it with the new club?