From The Charlotte Observer:
Many of the Legislature’s most fervent gun enthusiasts asked the National Rifle Association on Tuesday to stop opposing a hunting and fishing proposal and allow it to pass this year.

“We ask the NRA to back off,” said Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-Clinton, an avid hunter and chairman of the House Sportsman’s Caucus.

Members of the House and Senate Sportsman’s Caucuses said a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would prevent gun control backers from trying to restrict hunting and fishing may die because of specific wording the NRA wants._

In a nutshell, the NRA wants the legislature to guarantee hunting and fishing “by traditional means and methods.” Lawmakers say that that wording would prevent them from protecting species when necessary, for example by banning barbed hooks on a particular section of water. The NRA says that without that wording, countless hunting practices could be banned as long as some hunting is allowed.

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