With the District of Columbia now asking the Supreme Court to uphold its strict 30-year handgun ban, gun-rights and gun-control advocates are headed for a potential showdown. In March, a panel of judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled the city’s prohibition unconstitutional. In May, the full appeals court declined to reconsider the ruling. Now if the high court decides to hear the case, legal experts expect an historic test of the Second Amendment with wide-reaching ramifications.

From The Washington Times:

_Gun rights advocates welcomed the chance to take the fight to the high court. A central question the D.C. case poses is whether the Second Amendment protects an individual’s rights to keep and bear arms.

Experts say gun rights advocates have never had a better chance for a major Second Amendment victory, because a significant number of justices on the Supreme Court have indicated a preference for the individual-rights interpretation._

What do you think? Do you welcome a showdown now?