From Illinois’ Post-Dispatch:

_You peer at the image of the antelope wandering across your computer screen. Your hand is on the computer mouse, gently guiding the onscreen rifle toward the animal. You wait for it to hold still. Then you line it up in your sights, your finger ready on the mouse button.

It could all be part of some unusually realistic computer game, except for what happens next: You click the mouse — and hundreds, even thousands of miles away, an actual rifle fires a bullet at the antelope.

It’s called “remote-controlled hunting,” the brainchild of a Texas ranch owner whose startling new venture had barely begun before the Texas Legislature shut it down two years ago. Nonetheless, concern that the concept could still become the next new thing in virtual entertainment has set off a volley of pre-emptive prohibitions in more than 20 states around the country, including Missouri. Illinois could be next._

Is it time for a nationwide ban?