From The Courier News:

_Politicians, judges and professional athletes were given Illinois hunting permits without having to take their chances in a lottery alongside other hunters, according to an audit released Tuesday. . . .

The audit noted that state law allows the DNR director to grant special permits for free . . . . [But Auditor General William] Holland found the department had failed to compile adequate documentation on 92 percent of the special permits his office examined. He also found the requester’s signature was missing from 43 percent of the permits — typically because the agency filled it out for the hunter — and that fees were not charged in one-fifth of cases reviewed. . . .

In another case, 27 youth permits were issued to hunters in Gallatin County at the request of a landowner who lets people hunt on his property for a fee, even though DNR had not approved the county for youth hunting and the public couldn’t apply for them._

Seem fair to you?