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From the Virginian Pilot:

_A bill that would require boat operators to pass a licensed boating safety education course has made it farther through the Virginia General Assembly than any previous attempt.

House Bill 1627 was passed by the House of Delegates. It then was approved 13-1 by the Senate’s Agriculture, Conservation and National Resources Committee and awaits final Senate approval.

If passed by the Senate, the bill must be signed by the governor before becoming law.

The bill calls for operators of boats and personal watercraft to pass a course. A timetable for compliance is based on operator age.

Motorboat operators 20 or younger would have to pass the course by July 1, 2011. Those 30 or younger would have to pass by 2012, 40 or younger by 2013, 50 or younger by 2013 and 60 or younger by 2014. All operators, regardless of age, must pass by 2016.

Violators would face a $100 civil penalty._

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