Discussion Topic: Should Crossbows Be Legal for Archery Seasons?

From Mlive.com:

_The [Michigan] Natural Resources Commission will consider new regulations at its monthly meeting Thursday that will make it easier for people with disabilities to qualify for a crossbow permit for deer hunting and will automatically allow all senior citizens to use the licenses. . . . Anyone who is 65 or older would be allowed to use a crossbow during archery deer season.

"We're not saying that when you turn 65 you're decrepit, but there are a lot of people who have difficulty using a conventional bow, [said Rod Clute, big game specialist at the Department of Natural Resources.] “We're not saying that when you turn 65, throw your compound bow away and get a crossbow, but this gives an opportunity to those people who just had to do that."_

What do you think? Should crossbows be legal during archery seasons for disabled hunters or seniors? Should they be legal for anyone during any season?