From Virginia’s The Roanoke Times:

_Standing before the board of the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, [Curtis] Lytle [professional bass angler sponsored by Ranger and Yamaha] told about fulfilling his dream when he purchased 160 acres of his own for bowhunting, bird watching and wildlife photography. . . .

But his dream has been spoiled by hunting clubs that send their hounds across his property to chase deer. Never mind that they are uninvited and unwanted, and violate the tranquility that Lytle believes should be his. They just come.

And what can you do? Under Virginia law, not much. It can seem to Lytle and other landowners who have been abused by hound hunters that dogs have more rights than landowners._

Check out the full story. Is this a case of a few bad apples? Or does hunting deer with dogs generally create problems?