After reading the comments on our last discussion, it’s obvious that most of you think teachers should not be allowed to carry guns in school. So where do you draw the line on who carries where and when? What about folks convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence charges: Should they be allowed to keep their guns?

Check out this story from the Casper Star Tribune:
U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson heard arguments in a lawsuit Wyoming filed against the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. . . .

Congress in 1996 expanded the ban that prohibits convicted felons from owning guns to include anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

A Wyoming law enacted in 2004 allows people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence charges to petition in court to get their first convictions expunged [and thus regain their gun rights]_. The ATF has warned Wyoming that it would stop honoring state weapon permits for gun purchases if Wyoming continues to use its law._

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