Just a couple days ago, we posted a link to Tom Remington’s Black Bear Blog, where in a recent post Tom dug up a disturbing connection between sportsmen’s groups and the Humane Society. Now this, also from the Black Bear Blog:

_On the heels of the debate in full swing in Idaho, members of a hunting organization in Oregon have stooped so low as to be partnering up with their biggest enemy, the Humane Society of the United States. The Oregon Hunters Association, along with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, has teamed up with HSUS to put an end to elk farming there.

Using the events in eastern Idaho last summer where elk escaped a ranch there, the unlikely and disturbing coalition is using much of the same misinformation to instill unfounded fear in the people in order to ban elk farming._

What’s your reaction to such a coalition? And do you think elk farming should be banned?