From The Dalles Chronicle:

_The Oregon Legislature moved closer Thursday to clamping down on the canned hunting of captive, exotic animals.

The Senate voted 22-5 for a bill to outlaw the hunting of such animals as Ibex goats and Russian boars on closed game reserves.
The Supreme Court ruled in November against the hunting of captive, non-indigenous deer, but didn’t rule on more exotic species. That led to the bill, which now goes to the House.
“These are trophy hunting facilities that offer the customers the opportunity to kill exotic or game animals that are trapped within enclosures, regardless of their size, with really no chance to escape, and they are shot at a close range,” said Sen. Ryan Deckert, D-Beaverton, chief sponsor.
Deckert said that hunting groups have derided the practice as unsportsmanlike.
But several lawmakers disagreed with that.
“Hunting groups oppose this [ban],” said Sen. Roger Beyer, R-Molalla. . ._

So which is it? As a hunter, do you think these hunts should be legal or not?