Last month, we asked if canned elk hunts should be banned. By and large, you said, “Yes.” But to be fair, though, we should hear from the other side. In this Associated Press story about North Dakota Senator Tim Mathern’s proposal to put an end to high-fence game farms in the Roughrider State, preserve owner Sally Dvirnak argues as follows:
“We’re just people trying to stay on the family farm,” Dvirnak said. “What frustrates me the most is that you have people who don’t like it and don’t agree with it who feel they have the right to dictate what someone else can and can’t do. That’s not America.”

And Shawn Schafer, who runs a whitetail ranch says that:
“. . . most hunters would not pay to shoot animals in a pen. Customers want an authentic hunting experience, which . . . is provided by most of the game farms in North Dakota.”

Does any of this change your mind? Write in your comments below.