A Wyoming hunter has taken the first Yellowstone grizzly bear since the animal was removed early this year from federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. But he didn’t mean to. After all, there’s no open season for grizzlies in Wyoming or anywhere else in the lower 48 yet.

From the Jackson Hole Star Tribune:
_Wyoming Game and Fish Department game warden Duane Kerr . . . said . . . Richard Kaumo of Marbleton, was hunting over a legal bait . . . when he shot what he believed to be a black bear. After Kaumo transported the bear to Rock Springs, where Kerr inspected it, Kerr told the hunter the animal was actually a grizzly bear, not a black bear.

“This is the first time ever that we’ve confirmed or documented a grizzly bear being in that area,” Kerr said, [noting that] the animal’s poor body condition may have contributed to the hunter’s confusion, as “it made it look like there was no hump” over the animal’s shoulders, a characteristic of grizzly bear identification. The animal had similarities to a brown-colored black bear, Kerr said. . . ._

Kaumo was charged. Should he have been?