From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
New claims for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin shot up 86% last week, a seasonal occurrence tied more to white-tailed deer than to Thanksgiving turkey.

Every year, initial filings for unemployment insurance leap in the closing week of November as some employers hang out the “Gone Hunting” sign and suspend operations or schedule downtime to accommodate Wisconsin’s nine-day gun-deer hunting season, which ended Sunday.

A total of 23,000 workers filed new applications for unemployment last week, up from 12,335 the week before, the state Department of Workforce Development reported Wednesday. But last week’s total is in line with the 22,105 reported the year before, which was a 73% jump from the prior week.

I think all of us are all for employers accommodating deer hunters, and for workers spending some time in the woods, but should taxpayers foot the bill? Tell us what you think.