A New Mexico Game and Fish Department plan to reduce antelope numbers near Roswell to mitigate crop damage is making ranchers happy. What’s making some hunters hot, however, is having to buy the newly available antelope tags from the landowners.

From the Albuquerque Journal:
Jeremy Vesbach, director of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation . . . said dramatic population-reduction hunts like the kind planned for the Roswell area shouldn’t be lining anyone’s pockets.

“Profit motives should not be part of population reduction…. It’s a twisted incentive,” said Vesbach, whose group of about 7,000 members is made up mostly of sportsmen. “There should not be money changing hands.”

But two Roswell-area ranchers said landowners have every right to collect something in return for the heavy toll the antelope are taking on their crops._

What do you think?