From Bob Marshall’s outdoor column in New Orleans’ The Times-Picayune:

_[The] original, single “spinning wing” decoy has evolved into a wide array of motorized products that include wing-flapping swimming models and huge carousel-like contraptions with a half-dozen motorized-wing decoys moving in a circle.

That evolution has been fed by the intense interest of hunters — many of whom feel they must invest in the expensive equipment or watch ducks fly into their neighbors’ ponds.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of research indicating the technology is putting hunters on the southern ends of flyways at a distinct disadvantage. The consensus of numerous studies showed hunters using motorized decoys consistently killed more birds than those sticking with traditional methods, [Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries waterfowl biologist Robert] Helm said. Perhaps more important, the studies also revealed the effectiveness of the motorized decoys decreased the farther down the flyway they were used. . . .

But changes may be coming. Wildlife commissions in six states have supported requests by hunters and banned or restricted the use of motorized decoys. And sportsmen in other states want to join that list — including those in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation recently passed a resolution asking the National Wildlife Federation to support a ban on the devices. LWF Executive Director Randy Lanctot admitted the move was born out of self-interest, but included a lingering sense of uneasiness about the violation of fair chase.

“It got to the point that our guys are wondering how much stuff they have to buy and drag out to the marsh to hunt ducks,” he said. “Plus there’s evidence these things are cropping off the younger birds further up north.

“But there’s also just a sense that ‘where does this stop?’ This isn’t duck hunting. Why not allow electronic calls and live duck decoys?”_

Check out the full article linked above, then tell us what you think. Do you support or oppose a ban or limit of the use of motorized decoys?