Remember Roanoke Times editorial writer Christian Trejbal who caught a ton of flak after publishing a list of Virginia’s concealed-carry permittees on the paper’s website ostensibly to celebrate open records? (see here) Well, here’s a bit of irony, from the same paper:

_An editorial writer’s botched attempt to highlight an open record — the list of Virginians licensed to carry a concealed handgun — resulted Friday in the record being closed.

Acting on the advice of Attorney General Bob McDonnell, the Virginia State Police said they will no longer release the information under the state’s open records law. . . .

McDonnell raised two concerns about making the information public: First, the list includes the names of crime victims and witnesses that should be withheld from public view for safety reasons.

A second and broader reading of the law by McDonnell is that the entire list should be off-limits to the public because the data is compiled only for use by police in their investigations._

Is this the right decision? Should we now be thanking Christian Trejbal?