From Michigan’s Daily Press & Argus:

_The state Department of Natural Resources is facing a budget deficit. . . .

What to do about that?

Well, according to a whole bunch of people in Lansing, the answer is to increase the price of hunting and fishing licenses. And not just by a little, but to double and triple them.

Under the fee structure [proposal], the price of a firearm or archery deer license would double from $15 to $30 for Michigan residents during the next four years. A 24-hour all-species fishing license for state residents would rise from $7 to $15 while an annual all-species fishing license would increase from $28 to $40. A 24-hour fishing license for senior citizens would jump from $3 to $9 in 2013. . . .

DNR Director Rebecca Humphries explains it this way: “As general fund support for the department has been reduced over the last several years, we have been forced to look at license fee increases so that we can continue the work we do to provide high-quality hunting and fishing experiences that hunters and anglers have come to expect in Michigan. These increases will allow the DNR to maintain its current level of service.”_

What do you think? Would you approve of such a hike in your state?