From The Seattle Times:
_State Rep. Joel Kretz’s slideshow came with a warning.

“There are some graphic pictures in here,” he told state lawmakers at a recent hearing.

Up came a photo of one of the Okanogan County lawmaker’s colts, with pink, exposed flesh on its flanks from gashes on both sides . . . .

“But here’s what I think we all better be watching for,” Kretz continued as the next photo showed a young boy in a hospital, dotted with cuts, gashes and puncture wounds.

Twelve years after Washington residents voted overwhelmingly to sharply limit the hunting of cougars and black bears with the aid of dogs, Kretz wants to expand a recent cougar-control program in a few rural counties to other parts of the state and make it permanent.

Critics say the change would gut the ballot measure, which was approved 63 percent to 37 percent._

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