Discussion Topic: Sierra Club Launches Sportsmen’s Network

From a Sierra Club press release:

_It’s all about protecting habitat. That’s the common ground and common cause of conservationists and sportsmen. As mining, drilling, development and global warming increasingly threaten quality hunting and fishing opportunities, more and more sportsmen are joining forces with other conservationists to protect wildlife and wild places.

Now the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization has launched a campaign to connect the 20 percent of its members (118,000 people) who hunt and fish with other sportsmen across the country who care about conservation. . . .

The Sierra Club's new Sierra Sportsmen organizing site, www.sierrasportsmen.org will serve as a hub for hunters and anglers, allowing them to connect with each other beyond state lines, find out about conservation issues that affect them, help pass on outdoor traditions to the next generation, restore local streams, protect game habitat, and fight global warming._

It’s no secret that the Sierra Club’s relationship with sportsmen has been somewhat strained historically. That said, do you give them credit for reaching out to us now? Or not?