According to the article below, they also don’t want folks fishing with bait, leaving pet fish alone, or leaving pigs unwashed.

From the Examiner:

_Fish are to be protected under [new] Swiss legislation for the first time ever in response to the government’s acceptance of studies showing that, like other animals, fish do suffer.

Under the new legislation, aquarium fish can no longer be flushed down the toilet alive, but must be stunned and killed first. . . . It will [also] be considered abuse for a sociable fish to be kept alone.
Anglers will no longer be able to participate in catch and release fishing and will not be allowed to use live bait. . . .

Pigs, who cherish their moments in the mud, will now be entitled to a shower under the new law._

Has the world gone completely mad?

I honestly wasn’t sure this story was for real until I found additional sources, including this, from ESPN:

_It was revealed this week that catch-and-release fishing will be banned in Switzerland, starting next year.

And anglers in the country will have to demonstrate their expertise by taking a course on humane methods of catching fish, under new legislation outlined by the Bundesrat (the Swiss Federal Parliament).

The new legislation states that fish caught should be killed immediately following their capture, with a sharp blow to the head from a blunt instrument. Under the new regulations, the use of live bait and barbed hooks is also prohibited, except in certain situations._

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