From the New York Daily News:
_A top-ranking police official has been told he can no longer fill his office with a startling collection of animal trophies he bagged on big game hunts across the globe.

NYPD Transportation Chief Michael Scagnelli, an avid hunter in his off-hours, was told his taxidermy trophies – bison, birds, elk, deer – had to be taken down when he moved into a new office in Police Headquarters.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who gave the order, also said Scagnelli would have to pay movers to cart the offending wildlife out of his 11th-floor offices, sources said.

Scagnelli is popular among the rank-and-file, but some of the Police Headquarters honchos aren’t fans of his stuffed trophies.

“It’s offensive,” one source said. “This is city property and the guy is extolling killing.”_

All I can say is that if The Bonnier Corporation asked this of its New York-based employees, the Field & Stream and Outdoor Life editors would loose a week of work packing up heads.

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