In March, we asked, “Is Prairie Dog Hunting ‘Hunting’?” (see our previous blog coverage) Well, whatever you call it, the Colorado Wildlife Commission has unanimously denied a petition to ban the practice.

From The Daily Sentinel:

_A citizen’s petition to ban the recreational shooting of prairie dogs came to a quick death Thursday at the hands of the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

Testimony on the controversial issue raised concerns on one side about cruelty to animals and hunting ethics and equally fervent concerns on the other side about protecting private property rights, game-damage control and introducing youths to hunting. It took more than an hour and was dominated by opponents to the petition. . . .

Commissioner Robert Bray, a rancher near Redvale, said the issue “goes beyond (recreational shooting), it’s a gun rights and hunting rights issue.”

His motion to deny the petition passed 9-0._

Did they make the right decision?