In 2004, a Pennsylvania man hunting private land with permission shot a pregnant woman who was not on the property and who later won a lawsuit against not just the hunter, but also the landowner. When we asked last month, most of you said landowners do need more liability protection. Now the Pennsylvania House has unanimously passed a bill that would give it to them. From The Morning Call:

_Legislation that would dramatically increase liability protection for landowners who allow hunting on their properties was unanimously adopted by the state House last week, and Gov. Ed Rendell has vowed to sign the bill into law if it receives Senate approval.

House members voted 199-0 Wednesday in favor of House Bill 13, which would make it clear that landowners who allow public hunting access without charging a fee incur no liability for property damage or personal injuries caused by hunters — regardless of whether the damage occurs on the landowner’s property or off it._

What’s your reaction? Should other states adopt similar legislation?