Last month we posted a report on the battle over high-fence hunting in North Dakota, as a group called North Dakota Hunters For Fair Chase aimed at introducing a ballot measure to end the practice (see our July 30th post). That has failed. The group thought they’d gotten enough valid signatures. But . . .

From In-Forum News:

_North Dakota voters will not be deciding a ban on “captive hunting” in November, Secretary of State Al Jaeger said Monday afternoon.

Jaeger said he had to disqualify 164 signatures turned in on last Tuesday’s deadline, because the signatures were on incomplete petitions.

The sponsoring committee turned in what they said was an estimated 12,964 signatures. They needed 12,844 valid signatures. The secretary of state’s staff tallied only 12,915 signatures. When 164 had to be disqualified, the measure no longer met the legal requirements to go on the ballot._

Do you think this is good news or bad?