Here’s the latest on this topic, from the Boston Globe:
_Jim Wallace likes nothing more than a day out in the woods . . . with his 20-gauge shotgun.
But with all the meetings and programs he runs as the director of a nonprofit organization, he has little time to fire his Ruger. Making it harder is a law more than a century older than the United States that prohibits him from hunting on Sundays, often the only time he has available.

The ban is one of the last of the blue laws – the same code that outlaws frightening pigeons from another person’s property, exhibiting albinos for profit, and kissing in public – and one of the few actually enforced.
Lawmakers on Beacon Hill will consider a bill today that would repeal the hunting ban, sending it the way of the Sunday ban on alcohol sales and other Puritan-era laws.

“It’s discrimination, pure and simple,” said Wallace, of Newburyport, executive director of the Gun Owner’s Action League of Massachusetts. “Why is it that hunters are the only ones who can’t enjoy their sport on Sundays in Massachusetts?”_

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