As officials from seven Midwest states met in Minnesota to discuss lead in venison, yet another test—from the host state–reveals contaminated meat.

From the Star Tribune:
Minnesota officials have tested 1,239 samples of venison donated to food shelves last fall and found that 273, or 22 percent, had evidence of lead bullet fragments. . . .

[T]he Minnesota Department of Natural Resources collected and tested 123 samples from DNR employees who processed their own deer themselves. They found about 18 percent had some lead contamination.

“I was shocked,” said Lou Cornicelli, DNR big-game program manager and a deer hunter whose own venison had some lead contamination. “I’m pretty careful how I trim around wound channels. . . .”

“This isn’t a state issue, it’s a national issue,” DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten said. “It’s not going away.”_

Does this latest test make you more concerned about the venison in your freezer?