On Monday, we asked if the victim of the now-famous beheaded-snake bite shouldn’t have been messing with the poisonous reptile to begin with. Now, in light of the following story, the question is: Should certain people (namely, “knuckleheads”) avoid fooling with non-poisonous reptiles (namely, turtles), too.

From Ohio’s The Independent:

_“From what I understand, two guys where out fishing on Friday night … just on the western side of the river,” [police Sgt. J.J.] DiLoreto said. “But instead of catching a fish, they caught a snapping turtle.

“So these two knuckleheads have this turtle hooked and I think they were planning to eat it,” DiLoreto continued. “Apparently he was taking a shot at the turtle and his foot got in the way. He shot himself in the foot.”

The discharged weapon was a 9mm handgun._

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