On Tuesday, we posted a video clip of the CNN/You Tube Democratic debate in which 30-year-old Michigan man Jared Townsend holds up an AR-15, calls it his baby, and asks the candidates how they would protect it.

Senator Joe Biden basically called the man a lunatic. Here’s Townsend’s response, from The Los Angeles Times:

_Townsend called the Biden response “kind of off-kilter,” adding: “I think he hurt himself. A lot of people who are out there said, ‘We are all gun owners. He lost my vote.'”

Townsend picked up his interest in guns from his father. He said he used the rifle for target practice and to hunt for coyotes on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula . . . .

For now, Townsend said he had e-mailed and phoned the Biden campaign, inviting the senator to come to Clio to discuss gun issues. “It would surprise me if I got a response.”_

Would it surprise you? Would the meeting do Biden any good?