In September, after a pair of anti-hunting Garden State legislators introduced the now infamous bills A-3275 and S-2041, I asked “Can New Jersey Ban Hunting and Fishing?” (see here). Your comments poured in, with many of you promising to take action. Looks like you kept your promise. Here’s the latest:

From an NRA press release:

_Thanks to the turnout of Second Amendment supporters and sportsmen in the Garden State, twenty-five NRA supported candidates won their elections for the New Jersey State Legislature on Tuesday, November 6.

Voters sent a particularly clear message in the 12th District, where Senator Ellen Karcher and Assemblyman Mike Panter were defeated. Senator Karcher and Assemblyman Panter both sponsored legislation to restructure the New Jersey Fish & Game Council to take away representation of New Jersey sportsmen and give more influence to animal “rights” activists who want to ban hunting in the Garden State._

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