When we last asked you this question, Thompson had just declared his candidacy on Leno. There’s been a lot of buzz–both pro and con–about him since. Here’s some of the latest:

First some pro, from The Washington Times:

_While the NRA waited until October in each of the past two presidential election years before endorsing a candidate, the group plans to take a more high-profile role early in the 2008 Republican nomination process.

On Friday, [Republican presidential hopefuls] paraded before 500 lifetime NRA members at a conference in Washington, each making a pitch for why they are the best candidate to protect the rights of gun owners.

Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who earned an “A” rating from the NRA during his time in the Senate, was the group’s favorite._

And here, in the interest of balance, is some scathing con, from Rolling Stone: (Be warned that the full text contains profanity.)

_[Thompson’s] campaign is basically a referendum on what America wants out of its president. Do we want an executive who solves problems. . . . Or do we want a lead actor to star in a television show about a fantasy America . . . where poverty and war and insecurity can be solved simply by keeping them off camera?

What Thompson is selling is escapism, pure and simple. . . .

The people who are buying this fantasy are buying out of fear, because they can’t bear to look anymore. They’ve simply given up trying to deal. If Thompson wins — and he very well might — that’s what it’ll be: total surrender. The lowest we’ve ever sunk._

Check out both stories in full and tell us your reaction.