From an AP story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
_Conservationists who have battled for years to eliminate lead ammunition they say is the biggest threat to the survival of endangered California condors are now setting their sights on Utah. . . .

“It’s a simple fix to just ban lead-based ammunition,” said Jay Lininger, an ecologist for the group in Flagstaff. “It would be far less expensive and less of a headache for everyone if widely available alternatives were simply required. . . .”

Chris Parish, who oversees the release of the condors in Arizona for the Peregrine Fund, said a widespread ban on lead ammunition could be helpful but fears it might just anger hunters.

“Even if it were banned nationwide right now, there would still be people out there who do not believe in it and they’re not convinced their bullets are doing the damage,” he said._

Are you convinced?