If your significant other is like me (scary thought, huh?), then he or she hasn’t done any Christmas shopping yet. Which means there’s still time for you to steer that person in the right direction. So, before I sign off for the holiday, let me help you out with that. Just post what you want for Christmas, pull up your comment, increase the font size, and leave the computer on. If you have a laptop, put it in a conspicuous spot, like the kitchen table or the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Here are some ideas from the Belleville News-Democrat. According to this southern Illinois paper, the top-selling gifts for area hunters this year include:

–Camouflaged Crocs
–Wool socks
–Benelli Super Black Eagles (tough call between this and socks, huh?)
–H&R; Sluggers
–Remington and Mossberg youth guns
–Winchester SuperX3s
–DU Sweatshirts
–Under Armor clothing
–Superfire Flashlights
–G. Loomis fishing rods
–ABU Garcia and Shimano fishing reels
–And binoculars, scopes, and pocket knives

There, that should get you started. I’ll be posting headlines again next Wednesday. Until then, here’s wishing all of you—and all of yours—a very happy holiday.